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What is request cost?

Every API endpoint documentation has the "Request cost formula" section describing how the "cost" is calculated. For most API requests it's always 1. It's more than 1 in cases when you're requiring additional data (e.g. when you're requesting data on an Ethereum address, and you're also requesting its ERC-20 token balances).

Example: Request cost is 0<x10limnx1+(0.1(n1))0 < x \leq 10 \Rightarrow \lim_{n \to x}1 + (0.1 * (n - 1))

You want to send 10 addresses/blocks/transactions:

x=10limn101+(0.1(101))1+(0.1(101))=1.9x = 10 \Rightarrow \lim_{n \to 10}1 + (0.1 * (10 - 1)) \Rightarrow 1 + (0.1 * (10 - 1)) = 1.9

You will have a request cost of 1.9

How many request are I limit to with the free tier?

You are limitied up to 1440 requests a day. With an API key you could do more than 1440 requests a day

When do the request counter reset?

The daily request counter is reset at 00:00 UTC every day.

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